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The menu to the left provides links to a general introduction to Ayurveda and how an Ayurvedic approach can help improve, maintain and enhance your health and wellbeing.

By doing the Dosha Test you will get a better idea of your constitutional type (prakruti), and begin your journey of discovering what that means in living the most fulfilling, healthy and balanced life possible for you.

Ayurveda is a vast and encompassing Science of Life. It is self empowering – giving you the tools : daily and seasonal routines, dietary and lifestyle advice, yoga practice and more, customised to your dosha, stage of life, location etc to give and receive the most from your life.

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  • Rihana Joseph 5
    5 February, 2018

    I am a DJ/musician living in Sydney. A year ago, I started to experience ringing and buzzing noise in my ear. It was not the first time I was experience it. I used to experience these “ringing noise” episodes only once in a while prior to previous year. Generally it used to happen for a couple of days after completing my music shows, but all of a sudden the problem became serious, as I started experiencing the noise more than often. I was literally not able to concentrate on my work, I was not even able to use earphones on full volume for more than 20 minutes. I never use to experience pain, but after the noises became more frequent, I started experiencing pain in my ears too. The problem was hindering my work too so I decide to visit the Yatan Ayurvedic Holistic Centre, there I met Mr. Raman, and he ran some tests and tried to analyze the problem. Within 20 minutes, he knew what the problem was. He told me I was suffering from Tinnitus, which I was already suspected from what I read online. He told you have the subjective tinnitus diseases, and it probably is caused because of your profession. He told me to take a break from my career, which was a setback, but he insisted. He suggested that a minimum of 2 months would be adequate amount of rest for my ears to recover. I was told to stay away from any kind of loud noises, and carry earplugs with myself whilst stepping out of the home. He also suggested me to not travel through flights. For medication he gave me some medicated oil to lubricate the inside of my ear and some other herbal medicines too. As suggested by him, after hard 2 months, I felt much better and felt as a new person. I take proper care of my ears now, and have not experienced a single episode since my treatment. Thank you sir for the treatment and advice.

  • Sujeet Kumar 5
    31 January, 2018

    Yatan Ayur is one of the Best Ayurveda centers in Sydney. I went there for a complete body detox program. Highly satisfied with the results.

  • Nidhi Yadav 5
    24 January, 2018

    "I must say before visiting Yatan Clinic, My Vasculitis was much worse than it is, right now. I have been suffering from Vasculitis for more than 4 years, and my condition was stable at best, but not improving. After 6 months of treatment at the Yatan Centre, my inflammation episodes have gone out drastically. This Centre is such a blessing for people living in Sydney, I couldn't thank Raman sir more for the help and guidance."

  • Aditya Khanna 5
    16 January, 2018

    A couple of month’s back a friend of mine recommended me this book called “Yatan Yoga Therapy – A Natural Guide to Longevity and Vitality”. I, as a person, used to be a little sceptical about Ayurveda and Ayurvedic practices, but I was astonished by the things that I learned through this Book. I am not going to give away too much because that’s for you to find out but basically, I now have an in-depth understanding of the seven chakras which our body consists of and how littlest of things can have an impact on our health (whether positive or negative).I was even able to fix my stomach aches which I used to get in the morning, through some of the advice present in the book. After the completion of the book, I googled about the Author out of curiosity and to my surprise I found out that he (Mr. Raman Das Mahatyagi) has been practicing Ayurvedic medicine for over 20 years and had a clinic in Sydney itself. Now, I am suffering from arthritis for almost three years now, and through the timeline of these three years, I have been told multiple times that arthritis is untreatable and I would have to take a lot of medicines to be relieved from the agonizing pain. I decided to visit Dr. Raman’s Yatan Holistic Ayurvedic Clinic. Fast forward to 2 months later; I have never felt this much better since my Arthritis started. I used to have swelling in my legs joined that has also decreased, and I hardly need Pain medications now. The power of Ayurveda is hidden in the way it treats people. Conventional medicines which alleviate symptoms may feel like the right choice of treatment, but these medicines hardly treat the disease, on the other hand, Ayurveda finds the root-cause and try to remove the disease from the body entirely. Thank you, Dr. Raman

  • Tania 5
    20 September, 2017

    I recommend you explore this with an open view to discover what it is you are personally yearning and encourage you to experience an initial consultation as your first step to evolution of yourself. I was gently guided and given my first small healing process which I wish I had from once I was born. This life is meant for all of us to thrive here and now so please find your discovery of true joyful living here and now. With love and grace for finding this here, I look forward to a wonderful journey. May you all live in harmony and find yourself through taking the first step toward a consultation as your personal gift to yourself.

Yatan Holistic Ayurvedic Centre

Yatan Holistic Ayurvedic Centre

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